Randy Tea

The Desire of an Englishman for a Perfect Cup of Tea…………

In 1897, Englishman planter Roads Randy, with the intentions of starting a plantation of newly introduced Tea, came to Sri Lanka, which was known to world as British Colony ‘Ceylon’. With him, there was his family – wife, two sons and the daughter and also six other planters from Britain. They all settled in the plantation capital of Ceylon, Nuwara-Eliya that was given the name ‘Little England’ at that time by the British rulers. This name is in the existence even today as Nuwara-Eliya has everything similar to old England - cool climate, greenish gardens and the mystic mountains with crystal-clear streams.

In early 1920’s, Roads Randy owned one of the best tea plantations in the under the British flag. After him, his elder son – William Randy took over the plantation and developed it further more and more importantly, twisted and changed the destiny of his family name historically.

By 1948, Ceylonese won the freedom from British rulers and the Union-Jack, after several years of struggles and the country changed the name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka. William Randy, who is in deep love with the beautiful tiny island and also had the desires to offer the best tea to world, introduced ‘Randy Tea’ Brand to world in the same year commemorating country’s freedom from Englishman after 133 years.

At the same time, he founded a similar but smaller Randy Tea House in a small cottage near Hampton Road in Twickenham of Richmond up on the north bank of River Thames. It was totally a family business from the beginning  which met with a tremendous success in a short period of time due to the united effort of every member involved in the business and above all - simply because of the William Randy’s commitment to give the best and the tastiest teas to his customers, continuously.

Today, our products are being sold several countries in Europe and Middle East but our biggest output goes to Russia and to Ukraine where we have a tremendous growth over the past decade.

Taking our Products to the Highest International Standards……


One of the biggest secrets of Randy Tea’s success is our quality policy. The golden rule of William Randy was “Never compromised on Quality” which we follow undoubtedly to date. From the master Tea Tasters who carefully selects the best teas to give the perfect cup of tea to consumers to our well trained quality controllers who monitors each and every products of Randy Tea very closely, we have a very strict quality controlling system which has won quality certifications – ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP.

Randy Tea has a modern, fully equipped, state-of-the-art factory, which is, located few minutes’ drive from the Colombo city. Our output capacity it second to none in the country and the factory itself has won several quality and efficiency awards.









What’s on offer……………

The assortment range of Randy Tea is amongst the best and the rarest tea assortment in the world. We offer you a wide range of Teas, which were picked by our well-experienced Tea tasters from the finest of Tea gardens in the world. Amongst them are the unique Original Blends which introduced by the founder of the company, William Randy himself.

On June 12th 1996, Randy Tea introduced its ‘Heavenly Range’ with real fruit pieces and real flowers and became one of the pioneer companies to offer a such range.

Please go through the web to see the full range of Randy Tea Assortment.


Aims and Objectives


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Our Clients

A diverse client base

Pleased to be in touch……….

Hope that we have enlightened you enough about the Randy Tea House and its Products. We are more than happy to be in touch with you and offer you Prices. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime through the following details.


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Our Office

No.79, Biyagama Road,Talwatta, Kelaniya
Sri Lanka.
Email: info@randytea.com
Phone: +94 114728900 or +7 495 2552950
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